AI Driven Technology

Artemis is transforming the ABA Therapy space with its innovative use of Salesforce Cloud, Automation, and AI based technology.

Our vision is to provide the first comprehensive, automated & AI-driven Practice Management & Billing software.

Technology Focused

At the heart of the Artemis ABA software is a focus on ensuring a simplified client intake process, automated eligibility check & authorization, optimized & AI-driven scheduling, automated claim scrubbing, real-time insurance claim status & analytics-based AR workflow.

It is critical for ABA Centers to get reimbursed by insurance in a timely and accurate manner. The goal is for an insurance claim to travel the shortest path from an ABA therapy session to an insurance payment with the use of the latest technologies.

Advanced Scheduling

Simplified client scheduling. You make the appointment, and we will do the rest.

Our AI driven technology is helping practices spend less time managing their practice and more time caring for their clients.

We can imagine a practice where:
  1. There is no wait
  2. Professional care is improving on perfection
  3. Revenue is predictable
The Artemis AI driven scheduling technology will:
  • Automate the process
  • Gather client information
  • Manage front desk operations
  • Verify insurance eligibility
  • Pre and prior Authorization verification
  • Collect payments
  • Collect medical codes
  • Check provider schedules and availability
  • Support multiple locations and time zones
  • Track sessions and encounters
  • Merge/create a claim and submit for payment
Care starts here. A professional practice runs on schedule.

With Artemis advanced scheduling you are connected to your practice in a meaningful way. Our scheduling system is designed to streamline your workflow using our AI driven technology to help you run and grow your practice.

Simplified booking, the Artemis system will check and verify a lot.


The Artemis unified dashboard is fully integrated throughout the entire workflow. This keeps providers, staff, and all team members aligned and focused on your clients. Review combined schedules or drilldown to the appointment details on the same screen. Artemis makes it easy to ensure all providers are matched with the correct clients every time.


Reduce time searching and entering information. Our advanced features include recurring and nonbillable appointments, multi-staff availability views, and bypassing service days or overlapping appointments not allowed by the funding source. Automatic availability, qualification and preference verification ensures that the right therapist is scheduled for every appointment.


  • Quickly and easily create recurring appointments for clients.
  • Prevent scheduling errors with a fully-integrated platform that ensures 100% accuracy every time.
  • Optimize transparency with multiple scheduling views with options suited for every team member.
  • Change locations, providers, and activities without re-entering data, and so much more.
  • Get automatic alerts if there are scheduling conflicts or authorization issues.

Comprehensive ABA
Practice Management

Our leading EMR software is designed to run and grow your practice. Get paid faster and spend less time managing your practice and more time with your patients.

ABA Practice Management

Artemis is developed as a unique automated ABA practice management platform for businesses of all sizes. Artemis has streamlined time-consuming processes that require manual intervention and eliminated repetitive data entry errors. We have designed this platform to be optimized and provide maximum data and operational productivity.

Our mission of innovation is ongoing. Through the great work of our Innovation Advisory Board (IAB) members we are making a difference. The IAB is dedicated to working with our customers to positively impact the industry by helping them grow their practice while delivering the highest quality of care.


  • Industries best Cloud - Reliable, Safe, and Secure
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Reduce denials, minimize staff and space
  • Integrated systems and workflow automation
  • Remote access to records for enhanced flexibility
  • Simplified Teletherapy

AI Powered Billing

We believe billing is one of the most important software features for a growing practice and it is at the foundation of our EMR. You might say Billing is in our DNA, well, maybe not but it is in our Cloud. Our goal at Artemis is for your claim to travel the shortest path from appointment to paid.

Artemis Billing

At Artemis, our Billing solution is not outsourced to a partner using integrated technology that can break with each software release or update. We understand billing is critical to your practice, new or established, and in order to grow and provide care to waiting patients you need resources. Our focus is not on our ability to track claims but to get them paid. Artemis Billing provides affordable and reliable billing. We specialize in getting you paid using automated workflow and machine learning technology to eliminate denials. Call us today to discuss our solution and receive a demo.

Features & Functions

  • Set-Up Fee Schedule
  • Convert Sessions to Claims
  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Merge Claims
  • Transmit Claims
  • Denial Management
  • Payment Posting EOBs
  • Auto Posting ERAs
  • Adjustments including Contractual, Refunds, Recoups
  • Label assignments
  • Secondary Claims Transmission
  • Paper claims printing
  • Check & Label Underpayments

Billing Services

Our clients enjoy custom strategies that are tailored to the unique revenue flow challenges of their practice or lab. Our dedicated team is ready to help you create a revenue growth action plan with automated, optimized processes.


Provider Credentialing

Provider credentialing is a detailed process that reviews a provider’s qualifications and career history including education, training, residency and licenses, as well as any specialty certificates.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Insurance eligibility verification is an important process wherein a provider’s practice or healthcare facility checks into a patient’s insurance coverage to learn what services or treatment will be covered by insurance in order to offer better consultation and care.

Patient Registration

Your registration process will capture your patients’ information, including insurance information. Ensuring an optimized process ensure you get paid faster for services rendered.

Medical Coding

Medical categorization or medical coding is the method of converting medical diagnoses reports and dealings into a collective list of assigned medical code numbering.

Charge Entry

Charge entry process is the most critical and important feature of the medical billing cycle where the claims are actually created.

Claims Scrubbing & Submission

The number of denied or rejected claims is reduced drastically when you incorporate successful claims scrubbing that detects and eliminates errors in billing codes before submission.

Accounts Receivables
Management & Follow-up

Accounts Receivables (or AR) is money owed to the provider based on the different patient accounts for services rendered. AR is payable by insurance firms and patients.

Denials and AR Management

A high percentage of claims put forth by patients or providers are denied by insurance companies due to incomplete claim forms, wrong diagnosis code, incorrect modifiers, and more.

Patient Statements

One of the fastest ways to ensure positive cash flow is to improve your process that generates and mails patient statements. Expedite patient payment collections with automated processes.